New camera!

Last week it was my birthday, which we celebrated :). To make a long story short: i’m really thankful to my wife, friends and family for giving me a new ubergadget:

It’s the Lumix FT2 digital compactcamera! I want to use it for shooting pictures and movies of all the things i like to do. One of those things is travelling on my motorcycle. This camera should really be a good travel companion for the following reasons:

  • It is rugged, shockproof and waterproof. That’s handy when it’s mounted to your bike and the flies, dust, rain and whatmore have a go at it.
  • It has Leica optics which provide great image quality
  • It starts up VERY fast
  • It has a ‘just-click-and-the-picture-is-perfect’ setting
  • It records video in 720p HD quality which looks great!
  • It has ‘Power OIS’: don’t know how it works but it stabilizes the image very well, again handy when mounted to your handlebars.
  • It is freezeproof, so you can even mount it to your snowboard!
  • It records enough pictures/video on 1 battery charge (350pics/1hr)
  • It has a wide angle lens: you can get more scenery in your picture

Now i have to get me a nice mounting system for use on the road. The RAM-B-149Z-C1U unit from Ram Mounts is a good choice i think.

To the right you see a picture of normal compact camera which enjoyed 2000km of frontrow motorcycle entertainment and ended up with a stuck lens. Without the moving parts of the FT2  this probably won’t happen.

I have already made some shots with it which i will post later on.

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One Response to New camera!

  1. Joyce says:

    The way this blog looks fits you more than I can say. I looks cool and funny! Nice introduction of your camera….now: show me the pics!

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